About Us

Our history and promise to you

We started with one property 30 years ago on a side street in Hove. No experience, but an understanding that there was room for change and a better way forward. We introduced the concept of Guarantors. Unheard of back then and no easy task implementing! But we persevered. We still remember the days of sitting tenants and the lack of rules and regulations that plagued this industry. When rents were £40. a week and Tenancy Agreements were one single piece of A4 paper.

Well... that’s long gone for sure! We never lost sight of the importance of matching the right tenant to the right property and ensuring that everyone knows the rules of engagement on both sides. Only difference now is the rules of engagement are overseen by untold numbers of revolving door politicians, associations of every kind, mountains of paper work, rules and regulations, laws and legislation and more hoops to jump through than ever before!

We know that putting the right people in your property in the first place is the first step of many.

We are Homelets and we are here to work with you.
Proactive or Reactive. Which would you choose?

Homelets is a totally independent, proactive Lettings company. Our team are intelligent professionals that know what is expected of them. We are judged everyday by you the Landlord, the tenant, the government, the banks, the council, the legislators, the watch dogs, the good the bad and all the others! At every cross road we are required to protect the interests of every Landlord that enlists our services. And we do!

Homelets are successful, profitable and completely transparent

Our credit rating is 5 star and we believe that we are the best team to handle your properties in this ever changing industry.

We are here as a pro active team that works with you, ensuring proper returns with minimal involvement from yourselves or as much interaction that you wish.

We will work with you to ensure all properties are compliant, in good order, rented, and taken care of throughout their tenure.

If you are hands on, then we can offer a second pair when required.

If you believe that it’s “time’’ to relax and enjoy life with less stress, then we’re here to take the reins.

We do not rent to just anybody! We may be on the high street, but no one can just walk in, put down their money and walk away with a set of keys. Strict vetting and years of experience ensures that your property will be financially positive rather than an economic nightmare.

Remember... we are only a phone call away.

We are members in good standing with the following associations:

mydeposits, Property Redress Scheme, Client Money Protect, iHowz

my deposits Property Redress Scheme Client Money Protection ihowz